Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oppi Stoep

How often do you encounter old-fashioned hospitality in our rushed, commercial world?
I was introduced to Oppi Stoep some time back when I went there to teach a course for Minimax ( a few months back. Oppi Stoep is a wedding and conference venue in Centurion, Pretoria. It also serves as a music school and home for the Wiegandt family. Since then, I have returned several times, to teach, to enjoy concerts, to network, and most recently, to shoot an episode of Pasella for SABC2.
I have never ever been there that I have not enjoyed a generous plate of home cooked food. Whatever you need, just say the word and it is laid on for you. There is always a hot urn going with coffee and tea. Next to it is a jug of fresh cool fruit juice if that is your preference.
Johan is a fabulous cook and I return there for his food every chance I get.
I also enjoy the sound of the voices and piano in the background when there is a singing lesson going on in the background. Ina Wiegandt teaches singing to a number of professional and amateur singers and she has a wealth of experience that she shares with a similar generosity.
They truly have a way of making a person feel at home. This is proven by the fact that their busy bed and breakfast is regularly fully booked with people who return again and again to their environment.
The garden is beautiful, with pool, footbridge, green lawns and shady corners where you can sit and relax when you need to get away from the bustle of the world. They take their name from the large, covered stoep where they do most of their entertaining. It can accomodate a large wedding party with ease and it is a handy back-up when you would like to entertain outdoors and the weather will not play along.
I was so relieved to have it available for the shoot last week. We planned most of it outside, and then on the day we had overcast weather with variable light. In the end we pulled the shoot in under the covered roof of the stoep so that we could get the shoot finished in time.
It is now a regular venue for my craft classes. With plenty of tables and chairs, I simply phone ahead and let Johan know how many people I am expecting, and when I get there everything is set up and ready for me to teach. With the tiled floor underfoot I am able to teach dyeing and printing without having to worry too much about the mess.
If you are looking for a warm, hospitable venue for your event, I can recommend Oppi Stoep in a heartbeat. Contact Johan for bookings at
Have a great day in full colour!
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