Friday, April 9, 2010

Raku Firing

If I had the time for a hobby, it would certainly be ceramic. As with colouring fabric, colouring clay can be unpredictable. I love the anticipation of not knowing until the end how my crafted item will actually look, and the surprise when I see that it is not what I expected it would be. This is the magical side of life!
Raku pots are baked in open firepits as opposed to the controlled environment of an electric kiln. Because of the wild process, the results are varied and unpredictable.

The CDP Trust is an NGO that I work with quite closely. At the centre they teach the most vulnerable people in our communities a variety of handcrafts in an attempt to give them skills that they can use, not only to express themselves and heal, but also to create products that they can sell for money.

They teach visual arts using every medium, from paint to fabric dye to clay. At their centre they pass on the skills of screenprinting, tie dye, lino printing, ceramic, beadwork and any other craft with income generation potential.

These crafts are also a powerful catalyst for healing. Many of the people who come to their centre have suffered extreme traumas on their journey through life. Through these creative processes, they make peace with their past and build a road to their future.

If you would like to support the efforts of the CDP Trust, why not sign up for a course and learn more about the magical Raku process? At the same time, your money will go back into the centre to upskill somebody else who can really benefit from new skills and a fresh chance at survival. Have some fun and support a worthy cause.

Have a great day in full colour!

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