Friday, July 29, 2011

10 000 T-shirts For Charities

We are doing a drive to collect 10000 T-shirts for charities in Gauteng.

While it is fairly difficult for one person or organisation to make a big difference in the lives of many orphans, it is fairly easy for many people to do one small thing, especially if they can have fun while doing it.

Visit one of the venues where we are having this drive and become part of this awesome charity drive. How it works...

Arrive at the venue with two white 100% cotton T-shirts. Pay a nominal fee of R30 for the materials that you will use. We will show you how to dye the T-shirts. Take one home for yourself and leave the other behind and we will donate it to an orphanage.

The children who benefit will not only receive a practical garment that they can wear, they also receive a unique gift that has been made with love by somebody especially for them.

Contact me today for more information so that you can find a venue that suits you at

Have a great day in full colour!

Kind regards