Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saving The World's Water

When people ask me what my boyfriend does for a living, I am always proud to tell them that he is out saving the world!
My long relationship with dye means that I have used a lot of water over the years, and it became a pre-occupation for me. I am fascinated by it and deeply grateful for its amazing properties. I am constantly looking for better ways to use it in my work.
When I met Anton Louw five years ago, we spent some time exploring each other's fascination with it. We are both submerged in it in our daily lives and work environment. I was amazed a delighted when I learned exactly what it is that he does with it.
He works for a company called Radical Waters ( He builds machines that are doing away with the use of harmful chemicals like chlorine and caustic soda in industrial cleaning processes. Essentially, they split water into two streams. One stream has a positive electrical charge and the other has a negative electrical charge. It is still basically water. It is just electrically charged. One stream is called Anolyte, the other is called Catholyte.
The amazing thing about this water is that Anolyte completely destroys bacteria. Small single-celled organisms like bacteria hold themselves together with an electrical charge. When they come in contact with Anolyte, they simply disintegrate.
I was a little sceptical that such a simple solution could possibly work. If it is so simple, why is the whole world not using it? Then Anton brought home a drum full of Anolyte for me to try out. Five years later, I cannot imagine a life without Anolyte. I use it for everything.
I clean the toilet and bathroom with it. I clean the kitchen with it. When the cat next door visits to mark his territory, I spray it with a splash of Anolyte and the nasty smell dissipates. I wash my fresh fruit and vegetables with it. I clean wounds with it. My dog once had a nasty deep bite which healed clean in a few short days with regular application. When we go on camping trips to the desert, I wash with it every morning. There is always a spray bottle full of it nearby.
I LOVE Anolyte!
If you would like to learn more about the technology that is changing the world in a positive way, visit their website at
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  1. Melanie,

    Your boyfriend is fighting a noble cause. Although, not associated with Radical Water, I manufacture already for 14 years Cells and Systems that produce HOCL (Anolyte) and NAOH (Catholyte).

    I am not sure how to work with Radical Waters, but know that we are against the same opponent, the chemical companies.

    Take a look at or to learn more about my activities. I am interested to share ideas and to learn more about Radical Water's activities.


  2. You can contact me
    for any assistance or possible partnerships.
    We currently have over 40 ECA systems installed on 6 continents.
    Key focus points are:
    -minimizing water usage in process plants due to waste of used dilute chemicals (water savings up to 70%)
    -improve efficiency of process operations (time savings of up to 70%)
    -energy savings (up to 90%)
    -Improved human & environmental safety