Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thuthuzela Aid Community

There is a wonderful lady in my network who sent me this e-mail this week. Naz uses her spare time to do community work at Thuthuleza. She has spoken so elloquently, that I have decided to quote her verbatim...
"Winter is definitely creeping in....can you feel the chill as you wake up each morning? And it is ohhhhh sooo difficult to get out of my warm cozy bed. Out come the winter warmers, gloves, woolen scarves, woolly jerseys and heaters....yep the chill is here and so is winter guys.
Often when I feel the cold, I think of those who have so much less than I do and I wish I could do something to help them. Well this year guys we ARE doing something....are you going to join us???
We're getting together on the 29 May to do a collection for the children of Thuthuzela Aid Community. Thuthuzela is home to abandoned, abused, neglected & orphaned children. Lizzy cares for approx. 20 to 25 children at a time. They range from 5months to about 10 years. (Approx 10 of the children are babies). They are renting space in a building in Marlboro at the moment. (we're hoping to get another property for them, but this is proving quite a challenge). The home has two bedrooms, a kitchen and an office for the 20 or so children. They are constantly in need of nappies & daily necessities as Lizzy tries to run the home as best she can. Most of the help comes from public donations.
You're all invited to join us o the 29 May. We want to collect toys, books, clothing, baby blankets non- perishable food, nappies...anything you donate to the home will be greatly appreciated. More importantly come spend time with these beautiful, precious children. Lizzy has two new babies, Siphelele & Phumi just 5 months old. Join us in sharing a little warmth this winter. Just a hour or two of your time on the 29 May....my challenge to you...make it there! ( especially those who could not make the December drive ;o).

To All those who are continuously supporting us, SHUKRAN! A huge shukran to Warren, Lindsay & Econo - Heat in CTN who are delivering heaters to the orphanages. You guys ROCK!
Date: 29 May 2010 @ 14H00
Venue: Thuthuzela Aid Community Centre,
No 60 -5th Street, Marlboro, Sandton
"All children are ours! Let’s make a difference!""

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  1. Hi there-- I am interested in working and helping Thuthuzela Community and would like to get in touch with some one who has been there, or could give me more information. I have emailed Nazreen and not heard anything yet. Do you have any more contact info or details on the work that is being done there? Thanks Sarah