Monday, July 12, 2010

Squidoo - Another Free Resource

As an entrepreneur who started a business on a shoestring budget, I have explored almost every free resource for marketing available to man (and woman).

Squidoo is a fabulous place to begin with online content and a good training ground for those who want to learn the basics of building websites themselves. I have a couple of Squidoo pages that have served me well for some years now.

This was my first Squidoo page where I wrote my first article about hand dyed fabrics in fashion, from my perspective. I have manufactured hand dyed fabrics for the South African fashion industry for some time and have always believed that the medium belongs to haute couture and not to the hippies, as is popularly believed.

Every time I open a fresh tie dye, I experience a heart-stopping thrill to see the pattern unfold for the first time. I call it the Wow Moment. After 17 years of working with dye, the experience has not changed. The Wow Moment happens for me every time. Read more about it on this Squidoo page.

Of course, kids love the Wow Moment as well. Tie dye is also a valuable developmental tool for teaching kids. Learn some of the good reasons for teaching kids to tie dye on this Squidoo page.

Squidoo is an amazing resource. It is free, and it has great traction with Google. If you are looking for a place to start building your online presence, I can recommend Squidoo highly.

Have a great day in full colour!

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