Thursday, July 8, 2010

Slipstream On Facebook

Although a website is an essential tool for entrepreneurs, Facebook offers a convenient, free solution for getting your message out there. I also like the fact that it creates an interactive platform for my customers where we can chat and share experiences where a webpage is just a static brochure that shouts about what we do, but nobody can talk back. I prefer two-way communication and find myself working in Facebook far more often these days than on my website.
Facebook offers the opportunity to create a page for your business, much like a website. Take a look at mine at
I also have a Fan Page where my students get together to talk about what they have made and show off their latest pictures. You will find it at
Finally, there is Colour SA, a group that I created for all colour enthusiasts who want to share their colourful experiences. You can find it at
I would love to chat with you in one of these interactive places. If you have any colourful stories, experiences or pictures to share, please join us and help us to create a vibey, interesting space for everyone.
Have a great day in full colour!
Kind regards

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