Wednesday, February 23, 2011

South Africa Fashion Industry Revival

The South African Fashion industry has been under some pressure for many years now. Forty years ago it was a huge driver of the economy. Today it is a mere remnant of its former self and it almost looks as if it might disappear altogether. I spoke to somebody a couple of years back who went so far as to say that "The industry is DEAD."

I have never been able to accept his autopsy. So long as there is a handful of people fighting for it, the industry cannot be dead. It certainly is in big trouble. It is not dead.

Last night I attended and amazing seminar where key players in the industry are rallying together to find solutions. AFI (African Fashion International) has partnered up with Endeavor and GIBS to turn the tide and GIBS has announced the rollout of their Fashion Entrepreneurs programme. Even Government has joined the conversation and it looks as if the industry is poised to rebuild.

As a generation of determined young designers emerges to revive the ailing industry, they are going to need a generation of determined artisans and manufacturers to service them and I am very excited to be right in the middle of this work.

For years now I have prayed that the industry would rally together to find solutions and that day finally seems to have arrived.

Keep your eye on the local Fashion industry and expect some big things.

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