Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Do a Google search for the word "Shibori" and you will find hundreds of thousands of references to sites with pictures and descriptions of a process that looks very much like the craft that we know in the West as "tie dye".
Although the Hippies adopted it as their own symbol of individuality, the craft is far more ancient and it predates them by centuries. Dyeing cloth with decorative finishes is a national artform in Japan and they have used it there from the beginning of time to embellish their kimonos.
There is an International Shibori Symposium that takes place every year where textile enthusiasts gather to compare notes and marvel at the range of finishes that are possible using these techniques.
It is the art of "shaped resist dyeing" where patterns are formed by excluding dye from certain parts of the cloth by creating pressure between the layers of the cloth and the bindings.
The most beautiful definition that I found in my research called it "Slow Fiber - a thoughtful approach to 'the making of things' - a philosophy that is most plainly explained as 'being bound by an integrity of product'"
You can learn more about this ancient craft on the World Shibori Network on Facebook or at
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