Tuesday, June 8, 2010


UFO : Un Finished Object
Every crafter seems to have a few of them scattered around the house.
Human beings are full of ideas. We get caught up in a moment of inspiration and tear off to start a new project. It takes time to finish and we get bored. Then we are struck with a fresh idea and before we know it, the first project is forgotten and we are off at a tangent, making something else.
The worst thing a crafter can do is to actually count the UFO's. The list often gets so long that we become overwhelmed at the task of finishing all of them and we sink into depression at the thought of all the work we have to do to complete them!
The only cure for the growing pile of UFO's is to sit down and systematically tackle them one at a time. You will feel a small flash of victory as you complete each one, and that will fuel your energy to finish the next one.
This leaves you with the question, what does one do with all the fresh ideas that you get as you sit in that zen space working on the UFO's? The answer is simple. Go off and create! Yes, you are just making another UFO, to be added to the growing pile and finished at a later date. The point is, if you do not begin to act on a bright idea it is very often lost completely. We forget so easily.
All great work is created in chaos. Life is chaos, and, much like life, the creative process begins with wonder, then a period of tedium and routine follows, and then it ends with a great deal of satisfaction as you sit back and admire the beautiful thing that you have made of it.
If you are feeling inspired, start something new. If you have no new ideas, go and finish a UFO. Trust the process and have fun.
Have a great day in full colour!
Kind regards

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  1. Your timing is impeccable - I just wrote "F the UFO's" on my on my studio's blackboard wall yesterday, the 'F' standing for Finish :-) You won't recognise the space when you see it!