Monday, June 21, 2010

Colour Technicians Course

I taught this fabulous group of people this weekend at Oppi Stoep in Lyttleton, Pretoria.
We unpacked colour mixing with dye in great depth to build colour swatch charts that the students can use for their various activities.
The group was made up of clothing manufactureres, fashion designers, school teachers and craft enthusiasts who all wanted to learn how to mix their own colour rainbow.
While the methodology can be rather boring, the personalities in the group certainly were not, and we had a tremendous amount of fun. Just look at their hands! And the big smiles to go with them. It certainly looks as if everybody had fun.
Teaching is an amazing experience for me. I always leave a class feeling as if I have learned more than I have taught, and this class was no exception. This vibrant group of people are all so passionate about what they do, it excites me to think of what they are going to do with the tools that I gave them this past weekend.
Sunet Wagner ( is re-educating teachers in the Visual Arts so that they can teach kids about Dance, Drama, Singing and Crafts. She saw the colour wheel come alive this weekend and is taking her new knowledge to her holiday camp this week.
Bets and Cindy are school teachers and they are going to share their new rainbow experience with kids in their classes at school.
Elsa Young plans to empower rural women with what she learned.
Colleen Jack wants to build a Teambuilding experience that engages all five senses. Hopefully this class will help her with one of the elements that she needs.
Reiniette Katoff makes clothing and plans to use what she learned to batch dye garments and Wilco plans to add a fresh new twist to his underwear collection (Bone Wear).
Hanneke van Linge is re-inventing herself as a craft teacher. She is a serial entrepreneur who is looking for her next business.
Corrie van der Merwe came all the way from Lydenburg to have some fun. She is one of my most enthusiastic students and a gift in my life.
I cannot wait to see the ripples in the world that this weekend's activities are going to set off, and I am grateful to be part of such an amazing process.
Follow the link below to see the rest of the pictures on Facebook.
Have a great day in full colour!
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  1. What a lovely, happy bunch of people. Looks like you're having loads of fun. Thanks for joining my blog, I am honoured. Have browsed through yours and I am in awe. Top names in the fashion world mentioned here. Fabulous work!