Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Inner Child

Teaching or training human beings is a huge responsibility. In South Africa, with its massive skills shortage, that responsibility is even greater.
Do you even know where to begin?

When I started out I had no clue myself. I was aware that a giant space existed, and I was not sure which part of it to tackle first or how. I did know for certain that I wanted to become part of the solution and not be part of the groaning masses who bemoan the problem without lifting a finger to change the situation.

Teaching adults is often complicated by the socialisation and experiences in their childhood. I am always fascinated when I teach young children to see their capacity to explore and be spontaneous. Why is that same hunger for exploration not present in the adult? Could it be because some adult voice once said to the adventurous child “That is wrong”... or worse still, did they laugh and tell the child “That will NEVER work!”?
We are all so eager to please as kids that we very soon learn how to guage a response before putting it all out there, for fear of ridicule or being singled out for our “different” way of thinking.
I believe that the inner child is alive in every human being. Perhaps that inner child is hiding in the shadows, making sure that nobody suspects it is there. Perhaps that child has simply learned to remain silent and quite still.
What a pity when that is also the place where innovation and creativity live. In business, creativity and innovation are the prized tools of top entrepreneurs, yet we stifle any sign of these skills in teenagers for fear that they might turn out to be “different” or “bohemian”.
At the core of my teaching methodology lies the notion that every piece of creative expression is perfect and beautiful. It comes from a very personal place deep inside the person. As such, it should be honored as a window into that human spirit. All work that emerges from that place is perfect, even in its “imperfections”.
I have found that, using this methodology, kids and adults can produce amazing things. When all the constraints are removed and they are free to express themselves, without fear of ridicule, the flame of creativity ignites and lights up their eyes and they shine from the inside.
Is your inner child hiding in a corner? Is it almost smothered under the heavy blanket of socialisation?
No wonder some people struggle to find innovative answers to the challenges that they face. No wonder so many people feel trapped in their circumstances. I have taken this methodology into a variety of spaces with amazing results.
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