Monday, March 8, 2010


I sit down to write this blog today with a deep sense of gratitude in my heart. I spent four whirlwind days at Hobby-X promoting Contemporary Dyecraft with my publisher, Wilsia Metz. It was just the most amazing experience of my life!
I am deeply grateful to all the people who made it such a special experience.
First, I must thank Wilsia Metz. It has been a great privelege to work with such a professional publisher. The quality of her books is impecable and her efficiency is makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her.
It was fabulous to meet my fellow authors under her umbrella. Fransie Snyman, Sandy Griffiths, Tracy Boomer, Di van Niekerk and Retha van der Walt... thank you all for your contribution to the weekend. You were a super team to work with.
I must also thank all of my customers and supporters who popped into the stand to say hello. I was especially excited to see how many of you have tried out the techniques in my book already. The young man in the picture came all the way from Louis Trichaardt to show me what he had made, using the book as a guide. Money cannot buy such an experience.
Thank you to Owen and Sharon Calverly from Craftwise and Stitches Magazines for their ongoing support for the Metz Press brand.
Thank you to Steven Hall from Free The Orange, and Kim from Trinitas for coming to the event to shoot some footage for our records. It is going to be awesome to have a dvd of this wonderful event for our archives.
Thank you to our fellow-traders. Your smiles and laughter carried us through a long event.
Thank you to the organisers of the event. Hobby-X is the premier event for the Craft industry in South Africa and we look forward to it every year. I am sure that many people will agree with me that Hobby-X 2010 was the best one yet.
All the excitement has left me buzzing (and quite exhausted) and I am going to take a few days to regroup.
Thanks again! It would not have been the same if there were not so many fabulous creative people to share it with.
Have a great day in full colour!
Kind regards

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