Sunday, January 31, 2010

Business "Incubation"

In this challenging time in business, many start-up companies are looking for new ways to survive and thrive. These businesses have only a handful of options to turn to for assistance.
Many of these businesses look to enter into relationships with business incubators that can grow them. Many incubators are funding-based. They grant financial loans to small companies that can help them to upgrade their businesses to the "next level". Such loans are usually given at very high interest rates because of the high risks attached.
I realised some time back, that if all my plans were going to work out properly, I would need the help of people who knew more about business than I did at that time. I was very fearful of cash loans because I had seen so many companies around me who had gone that route, and things had still not worked out for them. Real life seldom plays out as you envision it when you write up your business plan and often the interest rates and extended timelines would end up being more of a strain than at first anticipated.
I wanted a different solution and when I stumbled on Raizcorp, I knew I had found the fit for me.
Raizcorp offers something a little different. They offer learning and an infrastructure in which to operate. This may not sound like a lot, when compared to a fat cash lump sum, but over time I have learned that it is far more valuable.
The first time one of my clients came to see me and we met in their boardroom, I realised what an impact you can make working from a more professional environment. Their learning rooms are a constant source of enlightenment and self-discovery. You walk in to learn more about business, and you step out having learned volumes about yourself.
Raizcorp does not only grow the business, they grow the individual entrepreneur as well. This is their unique offering.
I was fascinated when I first started there and I learned that they actually call it "prosperation" not "incubation". I asked them what this means exactly? Raizcorp believes that the term "incubator" has connotations that the person being helped must be weak and vulnerable. They believe that they only back winning horses who are strong and fast, so the term is not really a truthful reflection of what they really do. So they created their very own term to cover the concept.
Prosperator : Raizcorp grows profitable entrepreneurial businesses...
Thank you to my Raizcorp family for helping me to grow and improve in my business every day.
Have a great day in full colour!
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